Lending programs of loan companies – when is it worth using?

Non-bank online lending companies focus on competitiveness and customer attachment. Therefore, in addition to free payday loans or facilities such as loans without verification transfer, it focuses on loyalty programs. Of course, they do not apply to all companies, but they are systematically gaining popularity.

What are loyalty programs?

What are loyalty programs?

Loyalty programs are known mainly due to large retail chains, offering customers attractive rewards in exchange for regular purchases, which in turn is to build positive customer-service provider relationships. It works similarly in loan companies and on the one hand is to build a good image of the company in the eyes of the client, and on the other – to attract attractive clients to it.

In a word: everyone. However, there are some “buts”. As the name suggests – the loyalty program is targeted at loyal customers, i.e. customers who have lent more than once. The fact that the loan is repaid on time is also key. Non-payment or late repayment basically excludes such customer.

What can you gain?

What can you gain?

The loan companies offer includes several basic forms of gratification to loyal customers, often called benefit packages. These are

• larger loan amount and longer repayment period
• lower loan costs
• access to the knowledge base
• direct financial rebates

It is not always to be expected that the loyalty program will be systematised or expressed in a rigid framework. It is often the case that companies periodically launch promotions for regular customers. Those who can show brand loyalty then receive personalized promotional offers. One of the major brands, NetCredit, does so.

Recommend a loan to friends and earn with VIA SMS

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A VIA SMS customer who already has one repaid loan in the company can recommend the payday loan online to his friend and receive PLN 50 if the friend takes out this loan. You can send as many as 30 invitations a day, so theoretically it could be a salary of PLN 1,500. There are only two conditions: non-payment and sending an invitation to a person who is not yet a VIA SMS customer.

The most common and most beneficial form of loyalty program for the customer is to reduce the cost of the future loan. A good example is the Loan Plus company and its Benefits Plus package. Not only does it offer the first loan for PLN 10, but also distinguishes returning customers by reducing the cost of the loan by up to 50% depending on the number of loans repaid. Regular customers are given rebate codes, which you only need to enter in the application.