Do You Get Married Even If Your Boyfriend is in Debt? What is the Impact of Debt Consolidation?

Even if your boyfriend has debts, will you get married? An editorial over at

Or will you break up?

Until then I would have liked my boyfriend, but as soon as I heard the story of debt 100 years of love will cool down.

However, on the other hand, some women think that if you have love you can overcome the challenge of debt.

Also, if your boyfriend has a debt, there is an option to marry after debt consolidation, but in that case, we will explain including the influence after marriage.

A woman’s feelings about her boyfriend’s debt

A woman

Surprising facts found by questionnaire

The first thing to worry about is that what other women think about marriage when their boyfriend has debts?

Here we will introduce two questionnaire surveys, but contrasting results came out there .

According to the user questionnaire conducted

First place No impact: 61%
2nd place I wanted to cut down the preparation cost of wedding ceremony and new life: 25%
3rd place I wanted to review the future design: 11%
4th place I got married itself lost: 3%

As a result, only 3% got lost in marriage itself .

Meanwhile, according to a questionnaire conducted for working women aged 22 to 35

1st place splitting: 44.65%
2nd place boyfriend gets married after repaying debt: 29.75%
3rd place: marry but leave debt repayment: 12.75%
4th place: marry after repaying debt together: 6.35%
5th place: marry and return debt together: 5.65%

As a result of giving up marriage, such as getting married, more than 40% of those who said they break up, which contrasted with the first questionnaire.

Because is supposed to be married readers, even if you find debt to your boyfriend, there seems to be a stronger tendency to work positively on marriage.

On the other hand, since targets working women, rather self-reliance is strong, it seems that the feeling that it is better to break up with a boyfriend who has a debt is more likely to work.

Know your boyfriend’s debt

However, among the women who wanted to get married even if their boyfriend had debts, there were overwhelmingly many opinions that “the boyfriend’s debt should be grasped properly before marriage .”

Debt is greatly related to future life design.

Therefore, even to the embarrassing problem of debt, how honestly the boyfriend will talk is honestly becoming very important in the future for establishing a relationship of trust between married couples in marriage.

In particular,

  • When have you borrowed money?
  • How much debts are left?
  • How much is the monthly repayment amount?
  • What is the current income amount?

It is important to listen to yourself from your boyfriend and to know it as chitin.

My boyfriend’s debt is limited to 1 million yen! What?

In fact, according to the questionnaire which women in their 20s to 30s asked about the allowance for men to the debt, it is said that there were many people saying “Compromise if less than 1 million yen” was asked .

Again, when the boyfriend of the debt is more than 1 million yen digits than increase one, it seems women often feel the pressure.

In addition, there are women who check severely like consumer finance “OK if less than a third of annual income”.

How to deal with marrying a boyfriend with a debt

How to deal with marrying a boyfriend with a debt

So, when considering marriage with a boyfriend with a debt, what kind of measures should be taken specifically?

Stable planning after marriage

Stable planning after marriage

If my boyfriend’s debt amount is not so large, I think that marriage as it is one choice.

However, in that case, it is important to make a proper plan .

In particular,

  • I will do all the wedding ceremonies handmade or make it small scale
  • Abandon wedding rings and honeymoon trips
  • Now, share the house, appliances, and furniture you are using, even after marriage
  • For the time being give up on the child

It becomes possible to suppress expenses in such a form.

Boyfriend’s debt should be paid as much as possible before marriage


However, even if it tells from the various cases I watched, it is better to refrain from marrying as much as possible when the boyfriend is repaying debt.

The reason is that if you have debt, the probability that your couple’s relationship of trust will collapse and break up in the form of divorce will be very high .

Even if it does not go to bankruptcy, there is plenty of possibility of constantly holding each other’s stresses and continuing the gistogised relation.

It is truly tragic to marry in order to be happy by themselves, rather than being happy due to debt, rather than being stressed married life .

Therefore, I think that it is ideal if a boyfriend can wait for marriage until paying debts on his own.

■ Your boyfriend’s debt should not be returned together

Some women think about returning their boyfriend ‘s debts together, but that is absolutely not good for their future marriage.

How to solve your boyfriend’s debt with debt consolidation

How to solve your boyfriend

However, if the boyfriend’s borrowing amount is large and it is difficult to repay the debt by all means, or it takes time to repay, there is also a method of asking a lawyer or a judicial scrivener to arrange the debt .

If debt consolidation is carried out, it will be possible to resolve the debt problem at once in a short period of time by cutting interest and future debts.

How much you actually can reduce your boyfriend’s debt can be easily examined using the following method.

If you do not want to break up with your boyfriend, please have your boyfriend take a diagnosis once, as it may become a turning point to consider marrying with your boyfriend.

Impact after marriage when the boyfriend has debt consolidation

Impact after marriage when the boyfriend has debt consolidation

If your boyfriend carries out debt consolidation, there are also people who are worried about the influence after marriage.

However, it is only the boyfriend’s debt that is subject to debt consolidation, and as a rule there is no way that your credit information will be affected just because you got married , so please rest assured in that respect .

However, there are some points to be aware of.

Loan can not be assembled for a certain period under the boyfriend’s name

When the boyfriend carries out debt consolidation, the accident information is registered in the credit information agency for about 5 to 10 years.

Therefore, until the accident information disappears, you can not organize a mortgage or a car loan under the boyfriend ‘s name .

Even if you try to build a mortgage with your name, your boyfriend can not become a joint guarantor.

Also during this period, my boyfriend can not have a credit card.

Therefore, there is also a necessity to make credit cards under your name, to support and support family cards to your boyfriend who will be your husband.

After the boyfriend has settled the debt, points to be noted when making family cards are summarized in the following article.

When your boyfriend has a house or a car

When your boyfriend has a house or a car

If your boyfriend has a house or a car under the boyfriend’s name, there is the possibility that you will have to give up the asset by doing the bankruptcy procedure by debt consolidation procedure.

So, if you are planning to use the boyfriend ‘s house or car after marriage, you may be affected .

However, if it is a procedure for voluntary sorting and personal revitalization, it is possible to protect the house even if a mortgage remains .

Also, if you have voluntary arrangement procedures, you can solve the debt problem not only by housing loans but also by car loans remaining from subjects of debt consolidation and by reducing other debts Is possible.

Therefore, we recommend that you consult a lawyer or a judicial scrivener well.

My boyfriend’s debt is a big trial for those considering until marriage, but I hope that you will overcome the challenges and build deeper relationships of trust while better using debt consolidation .

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