A lost bank card – what to do and how fast you should act?

Having a bank payment card is a great convenience. Increasingly, we decide to make non-cash transactions that are very convenient and secure in themselves. We usually have the card with us, and payments are faster than in the case of cash transactions.

Meanwhile, the Polish Bank Association pointed out that carrying a bank card in the wallet together with money and documents carries some financial risk. This is because as many as 70 percent of Poles do not know how to behave when a payment card is lost or stolen.

A lost bank card will not be a problem as long as we act accordingly. What should I do if my bank card is lost or stolen? How fast should you act? We answer these and many more questions in the article below.

A lost bank card – the most common causes


Unfortunately, the loss of a bank card is the result of our distraction. We often carry a card in our wallet, which we automatically put into our pocket or purse, without thinking about the action. The Polish Bank Association estimates that as many as 70 percent of us carry an ATM card in their wallet, which is a high risk. Losing your wallet happens more often than you might think.

Contrary to popular belief, forgetfulness also happens relatively often. We often leave the card under an ATM, because we are focused on keeping money or in-depth analysis of the printed confirmation.

Theft is another not infrequent reason for losing a bank card. Pickpockets are outdoing themselves in clever methods of how to deprive us of valuable things virtually imperceptibly. So let’s be on guard, especially in tight and crowded places.

The most common mistakes


One of the most common mistakes is a long search for the card in the hope that it will be found quickly. Another problem is the lack of knowledge on how to behave in such a situation. In the meantime, if you do not find a loss within a few minutes, you must immediately block your bank card. Every moment of delay is associated with an increased risk that the current card holder will use the funds on the account or credit limit – if we had a credit card.

The disadvantage of quick response and card capping is the irreversibility of this process. However, if the card is found, it may not be possible to cancel the reservation. Then the customer will be forced to get a new card, which may incur additional costs. However, compared to the losses we can incur if you do not claim a stolen or permanently lost bank card, this is still the most rational solution.

What data will I need to reserve a bank card?


To reserve a payment card in one of our bank branches, you will need an ID. Without it, a lost bank card will not be restricted. However, the problem arises when the entire wallet has been lost, including all documents and ID card. In this situation, we must direct our first steps to a nearby police station. A temporary document will be issued to the police and replace the ID card or passport. With this confirmation, we can only go to the bank branch to reserve the payment card.

However, if we decide to solve the problem through the hotline, we must reckon with the fact that the consultant will ask us to provide some information. It can be the access number to electronic banking or the last few digits from the bank card we have lost. In this case, we will find the necessary information in the contract with the bank. So keep this document in an easily accessible place and remember where it is.

In addition, some banks require you to provide your mother’s maiden name or other personal information, which is usually not available to bystanders.

It’s good to know that some banks charge a fee for stopping a card. The amount of the fee depends on the fee schedule for the bank’s card and can range from about PLN 15 to even PLN 30-40.